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How to Connect Icecast with Winamp


1.) Get winamp here:
2.) After installing winamp, you will need to obtain the plugin for your source of streaming, many can be found on the icecast website here: Here are a few quick suggestions listed below.
- Oddsock has a free client called edcast download edcast here
- Spacial audio (SAM Broadcaster) also has a try and buy located here:
Mac OS X:
- Nicecast is a free client that is located here

We will be using a Windows based PC using edcast (just for an example). Most other operating systems are going to have the same window setup for the configuration.

Step 3: You will need to download  Lame_Enc.dll  and place it into the local disc C:/Program Files/winamp if you would like to broadcasting Mp3 format with Edcast Standalone.

Step 4: Select the plugin


Step 5: Add an encoder


Step 5: Select configure encoder


Step 6: Insert your information


Step 8: Now you can connect and start playing music.